If you're looking for an adventurous and safe way to enjoy yourself, consider sailing vacations. With a variety of locations and packages, sailing vacations call to the explorer in everyone.

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It seems obvious how a sailboat sails downwind: It is pushed along by the wind in its sails. Less obvious is how it can sail upwind or how some sailboats can sail faster than the wind.

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Sailing Hints & Tips  

I spend almost all my summers sailing around the Greek islands. With this small article I would like to share some sailing hints with you that will help you enjoy the most out of your sailing holidays.

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Are GayTruckers Real

Are GayTruckers real? Well to answer this question, YES! Like with any industry, you will find gay men. As with Truckers, There is Gay ones out there that Drive for a living. Known as a Gay Trucker. At the GayTruckstop Network? we actually have a large listing of Truckers, From Bi Truckers to to curious Truckers.

We offer the tools for you to find and possibly meet these men to!. We have a process where we feature Gay Truck Drivers to. We will feature a Driver when we know that individual is real!. This keeps people real at GayTruckstop. GayTruckstop Profile: Guner , He drives for a living and owns a Blue Peterbilt. Guner is on the site every day and most times you can even find him in our video chat driving up and down the highways with his cam on.

Technology is cool isnt it!. Guner uses a Verizon Air Card. This allows him to log into the net from virtually anywhere.

Even while moving!. Guner uses a special desk that converts his rider seat into a mounted desk. This is how he drives with the cam on showing you a real Gay Truckers life on the highway!. GayTruckstop Profile: TruckerNorm , certainly isnt one of the forgoten ones. Norm is the founder of the Gay Truckers Association!. Also a personal and good friend of mine!.

TruckerNorm has drove big rigs most all his life. Norm Logs into GayTruckstop on a weekly basis and is looking for friends. Drive Safe TruckerNorm!. GayTruckstop Profile: Siegfried9 , is another of our drivers that logs in on a weekly to bi weekly basis into the Truck Stop. Siegfried9 has been a gay trucker for years now!. Drive Safe Siegfried9!.

Some drivers are Cruising for Sex, Others want friendship, Some drivers want it all and are pigs!. Truckers are a fine line of men delivering freight. GayTruckstop Profile: YurLoadnMe , is another of our drivers.

He logs into the site on a weekly basis. Is a Owner Operator and has a dam nice truck!. Be sure to ask him what his current routes is.

He keeps you posted on where he is!. Drive safe YurLoadnMe!. We have a large listing of Real Truckers and Real Trucker Admirers at GayTruckstop Network? and Gay Truckers are as real as anyone!.

From the archives of GayTruckstop Network


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